Internships offered by Start Me Up

Start Me Up offer a range of internships across a number of different specialities, explore via the links below.

We offer startup internships across a range of skills and sector areas.

PR & Communications Internship

Jillian Hess, an undergraduate at Syracuse University spent two months on a marketing and communications internship.

Software Engineering Internship

Giuseppe Picciano, a graduate in Computer Science in the UK, spent one month working on a video web app.

Data Analytics Internship

Suma Kanuri an undergraduate from the University of Michigan, spent one month on a data analytics internship.

Marketing Internship

Charlie Clough, a graduate from the University of Manchester, spent one month on a marketing internship.

Social Media Internship

James Jarman, an undergraduate at Cardiff University in the UK spent one month on a social media marketing internship.

Fashion Internship

Naomi Mason, a graduate in Accounting from Durham University in the UK spent one month on a fashion internship.

International Business Internship

Chukwudi Ononye spent one month on an international business development internship in Bali.

Social Enterprise Internship

Trina Seal, a graduate from Cambridge University spent two months on a social enterprise internship in Bali.

Remote Internship

Ashna Jalan, an undergraduate at The University of Toronto spent one month on a remote internship for a social impact startup.

Finance Internship

Henry Purchase, an undergraduate in engineering at the University of Bath in the UK completed a one month finance internship.

SEO Internship

Recent industrial engineering graduate Jacob Hrbek completed a one month Search Engine Optimization internship for a startup in Bali.