International Business Internship

Looking for an international business internship? 

In this increasingly globalized world, only the most international organizations will flourish.


An internship in international business offers the chance to learn how companies act strategically to capitalize on global economic and technology trends.

Why should you do an international business internship?

Global and civic awareness is a key skill for the future of work, according to The Economist Intelligence Unit.


An internship in international business is a great way to broaden your international outlook and make yourself more employable. It can also lay the foundations for an international career.

The top salary for someone in international business is $103,950

What could I learn on an international business internship?

How to work with diverse international teams

Tools to maximise productivity across timezones

International accounting systems

Tools used by international distributed teams

What key skills do I need for an international business internship?

Cross-cultural skills

Critical thinking skills

Analytical skills

“During my internship I worked with a company in Auckland that helps western businesses launch in China.

Their team is all over the world. They have people in New Zealand, Australia, Bali and Uganda and we all collaborated across timezones.

I was devising strategies to help them with business development by diagnostically assessing potential leads to generate custom approaches and proposals to turn leads into clients.”

Josh Campbell

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“If you want an insight into the unique career path the start-up world offers, I really believe that this program will help you achieve that.”


Lizzy Merrall, Durham University, UK

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