Engineering Internship

 Looking for a remote engineering internship?

Want to work for a startup that’s changing the world?


Start Me Up runs remote startup internships for engineering undergraduates and recent graduates.


Get practical experience in either the world of hardware or software.

Why should you do an engineering internship?

Get practical experience working with innovative startups.


Learn to apply your engineering skills across a range of sectors, from hardware to software. 


Learn the latest software being used by disruptive companies in the technology sector. 

What could I learn during an engineering internship?

Sofware engineering

Computer-aided design


Data science engineering

What key skills do I need for an engineering internship?


Problem-solving skills

Technical skills

Engineering Internship Testimonials 

I’ve been working on several user interface aspects like chat bubbles, chat screens and status icons.

I’m an engineer, but I didn’t have much prior experience in programming.

So I’ve been learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and also React Native.



Pooja Vadha has just finished her physics Masters and is going on to study for a pHD in solid state batteries for electric vehicles at UCL. She spent one month on Start Me Up’s Remote Internship Program.

Pooja wanted to get practical experience designing batteries for electric vehicles using AutoCAD (computer-aided design software).

“I always felt like remote working was interesting, but I didn’t know how it worked exactly, but there have been some real upsides.”

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