PR & Communications Internship

Are you looking for an international PR & communications internship?

Are you looking to build your PR and communications skills in an international setting? Are you a natural born storyteller or news junkie?


Our PR and Communications internship introduces you to the essentials of this fascinating discipline, covering everything from media relations and positioning to blogging.

Why should you do a PR & communications internship?

Organizations big and small have to monitor their PR and communications efforts like never before.

The growth of channels and ways stakeholders can interact with organizations means there are more opportunities for PR and communications professionals.

PR & Communications managers can earn up to $71,000

What could I learn on a PR & communications internship?

Introduction to campaign planning 

How to develop a content strategy

How to build a media list

How to develop a PR strategy 

What key skills do I need for a PR & communications Internship?


Communication skills

Analytical skills

PR & Communications Internship Testimonials 

Amelia Martin is a graduate from Western University in Canada. She spent one month on a marketing internship for a book publishing startup working on author acquisition and email marketing newsletters. 

“My job was to get inside the mind of a prospective customer to research what he or she read and the kinds of articles that would resonate with them.”

Hannah Nasif, University of Bristol, UK

Read more about Hannah's story

“The hard and soft skills you learn, you can apply them to almost everything.”

Juan Carlos, York University, Canada

Read more about Juan's story

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