Social Media Marketing Internship

Looking for a social media marketing internship?

Are you looking to build your skills in one of the fastest growing sectors out there?

Do you want try a career that allows you to flex your creativity while learning how to master the essential principles of marketing?

Why you should do a social media marketing internship

Demand for talented social media marketing professionals has never been greater.

Social media marketers are in-demand because they bridge the gap between creativity and strategy. 

Get inside the heads of customers and learn to be a master communicator. 

Average salary for an experienced social media manager is $60,000

What could I learn on a social media marketing internship?

How to undertake a competitor analysis

How to work with creative briefs

How to create a tone of voice document 

How to run campaigns on different marketing channels

How to make customer personas

How to create a content calendar.

What key skills do I need for a social media marketing internship?


Problem-solving skills

Attention to detail

My internship program with Start Me Up has really inspired me to do so many different things with my career. This program has made me feel much more equipped to go forth with ideas I have and things I want to do in my life.”

Meg Fisher, South Africa

“My internship focused on running a campaign for the startup I was working for so I witnessed the ins-and-outs of how to market, push, redirect, and analyze a campaign.”

Kenzie Rathe, US

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