Data Analytics Internship

Looking for a analytics internship?

Are you looking to equip yourself for one of the most in-demand roles in the startup world?

 Do you want to learn the skills to help you land an amazing international job? 

Why should you do a data analytics internship?

 Many of the startups that we work with use cutting edge data science techniques.

As a data analytics intern, you may help to develop tools, reports and processes for leveraging data to solve real-world problems.

The experience you gain will help to develop your resume and expose you to cutting edge business practices used by everyone from startups to established tech businesses.

The average salary for a Data Analyst in the US is $64,737 per year 

What could I learn on a data analytics internship?

Learn how to extract data from platforms and data sources

Understand best practice for cleansing and structuring data

How to draw insights and make decisions using data

Use data for optimization and efficiency improvements

What key skills do I need for a data analytics internship?

Analytical skills

Critical thinking skills

Attention to detail

Data Analytics Internship Testimonial 

Suma Kanuri is majoring in data science and international studies at the University of Michigan. She spent one month on a data analytics internship. 

During the internship, I’ve been working on data analytics for marketing. So providing recommendations on how to improve the company’s conversion rates and bring in more customers via the site. 

I’m finding it really interesting, it’s a good way to apply everything that I’m learning in school. College tends to be very technical and involve lots of equations. Now I get to use the information I learn and apply it in an everyday way.

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 I was paired with a data visualization expert who is working with Tableau, which is data visualization software.

Lori Cliff, Princeton University

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It’s a good way to apply everything that I’m learning in school. Now I get to use the information I learn and apply it in an everyday way.

I’ve started learning a new data analytics software which is called Glue so it’s really interesting seeing the tools that companies are using right now.

Suma Kanuri, University of Michigan, US

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