Finance Internship

Looking for a finance internship?

Are you looking to get practical experience in finance and business modeling?

Are you looking for an internship that will enable you to speak with confidence about business models and financial performance?

In an ever-changing job market, financial literacy is a skill that will continue to be highly valued and relevant in any organization.

Why you should do you a finance internship

Developing your financial literacy skills enables you to understand, articulate and analyze the financial profile and performance of any organization.

Organizations across all sectors leverage financial analysis for decision-making, meaning financial literacy skills are highly sought after, useful in any career path and will continue to be relevant in an ever-changing job market.

Average graduate salary for a Financial Analyst is $55,700

What could I learn during a finance internship?

Foundational accounting concepts

What the building blocks of any business are

Key financial metrics for startups

MS Excel

Principles for building a business model

How to assess a company’s financial performance

What key skills do I need for a finance internship?

Analytical skills

Problem-solving skills

Attention to detail

“It provided the perfect platform to learn what it takes to run a startup, put together financial models and grasp SEO. It helped me develop the skills and knowledge to start my own company using the Lean Startup method as well as being a valuable addition to my CV.

I can’t recommend this program enough.”

Henry Purchase, University of Bath, UK


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