Marketing Internship

Looking for a marketing internship?

Are you looking to master one of the most important startup skills in the world right now?

The world of marketing is undergoing a seismic shift and only those with the most agile skillsets will thrive in the job market of tomorrow.

Why you should do a marketing internship

Marketing is a diverse discipline that encompasses positioning, storytelling, branding, marketing analytics, copywriting, advertising and customer insights.

Whether you’re a scientist who loves data or an English major who loves writing, there’s an area in marketing for you.

Mastering key marketing skills opens up many potential career routes and industries. It also offers a lot of scope for specialization.

Marketing managers can earn up to $120,000

What could I learn on a marketing internship?

How to generate customer avatars

How to carry out competitor analyses

The essentials of social media marketing

How customer segmentation works

What key skills do I need for a marketing internship?


Problem-solving skills

Analytical skills

Marketing Internship Testimonials 

Amelia Martin is a graduate from Western University in Canada. She spent one month on a marketing internship for a book publishing startup working on author acquisition and email marketing newsletters.  

“My job was to get inside the mind of a prospective customer to research what he or she read and the kinds of articles that would resonate with them.”

Hannah Nasif, University of Bristol, UK

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“What you learn, the soft skills and hard skills you learn, you can apply them to almost everything.”

Juan Carlos, York University, Canada

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