Startup Internships Abroad

Alternative internships that combine in-demand skills learning with adventurous travel.

Collaborate internationally

“I worked for a San Francisco-based startup in Bali”

Learn in-demand skills

“I built an app”

Learn to work remotely

“I interned with a remote startup.”

Gain entrepreneurial skills

“I launched my own business.”

Recent alumni destinations 

“The exposure to startups and their founders was incredible. Being part of a co-working community meant there were so many project opportunities in a variety of business sectors.”

Ian Leung

University of Cambridge

“I can’t recommend the internship enough. It’s exactly what I needed. For many recent graduates or final year students who are panicking about what the future holds, this gives you an insight into something a bit different.”
Suzi White

Durham University

“I spent a truly wonderful month on this program. I worked with the CTO of a startup helping him code their website. I had very limited coding experience before coming here. And by the end of the month, I was developing my own app! I have learned so much and the work I’ve been doing has been more stimulating than anything I’ve done in a long time.”

Abby Mitchell


“I learned a huge variety of essential skills from marketing to web development. I have also had access to mentors and industry leaders to help me with my own startup idea. The wealth of experiences and contacts were invaluable.”

Ollie Rodney

Nottingham University

Internships without offices: work from the best co-working spaces on the planet. 

We think the future of work is remote, flexible and fun so we run our educational programs from some of the best coworking spaces on the planet. And when we’re not learning and collaborating with our coworkers, we’re exploring. Now you can learn startup skills on the other side of the world.

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