International internships & volunteering focused on sustainability, tech, and green skills

Social Enterprise

Explore the burgeoning field of social enterprise careers. We offer roles ranging from communications and research to UX and engineering.

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Build your engineering skills while you intern for international NGOs, nonprofits, social enterprises, and micro-enterprises.

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Gain experience working for environmental organizations and learn about the range of career options available.

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“I was working on a local hydroelectric turbine in Bali. Being able to work on my own sustainability and renewable energy project in an area that could truly be impacted by my work was a unique experience”

Andrew, Electrical engineering, UCLA

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It’s a completely alternative way to look at work.


Josh, Recent Graduate, UK

“The reason I really loved this experience is that I know I want to do something social impact-focused in the future, so it’s been great to work for a social impact startup and see the challenges they face and how they’re making their way forward.”

Zoe Shwartzman, Dartmouth College, US

“It was amazing. I made really great connections professionally and personally.

The soft skills and hard skills you learn here you can apply to almost anything.”

Juan Carlos Ramirez, York University, Canada

“The support from the entire team at Start Me Up really made my experience worth it. Start Me Up gave me an opportunity to expand on my interests, learn new skills, and prepare for my future career more than I ever imagined.”

Kelly Nolan, University of Maryland, US

“I learned a huge variety of essential skills from marketing to web development. I have also had access to mentors and industry leaders to help me with my own startup idea. The wealth of experiences and contacts were invaluable.”

Ollie Rodney, Nottingham University, UK