Elie Anne is from Quebec in Canada, she studied Graphic Design as a Bachelor degree and then did a Masters in UX design. She completed a UX Internship as part of  Start Me Up’s Startup Internship Program in Bali.

Why did you decide to join Start Me Up?

“After my Masters, I wasn’t quite ready to start working full-time. I felt like I needed more experience which is why I decided to intern with Start Me Up.”

What project did you work on?

“I interned with a website design startup which also helped startups with their marketing strategies. I also helped with the startup’s website design to make it more user-friendly.”

Why did you like UX in the first place?

“I love UX because I feel as a user we don’t have the right interfaces, websites and technologies to make our lives easier and useful, so I want to be a part of making that better.”

What were your daily activities as an intern in Bali?

“I started work at 9am, and would chat to the startup manager where we would decide what to do for the day and make a plan for the week. I would then work on my own until lunch and I’d then work by the pool for the afternoon. I could swim and work!

The weekends were cool because we could do lots of new activities, such as visiting Nusa Penida for the weekend. Every weekend we tried something new.”

Any advice for future interns?

“Try everything, if you have the opportunity to do something, do it.”

Do you like the idea of getting startup experience overseas?

Corona virus update:

As a result of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic we are not able to offer this program at this time. We are however running Remote Internships which will be available irrespective of where you live in the world, find out more about our Remote Internships or apply via the links below.