UX internship

Looking for a UX internship?

Are you looking to build your skills in one of the fastest growing sectors out there?

Do you want to help build innovative and intuitive applications and experiences?

Why you should do a UX internship

Demand for UX professionals has never been greater.

UX designers are in-demand because they bridge the gap between creativity and strategy. 

Get a head start in the innovative world of UX. Learn how to think end-to-end about the user experience, both broadly and deeply.

Get inside the heads of customers.

Learn to understand users perceptions, desires, needs, frustrations, environments and problems. Grasp the fundamentals of user experience while you build intuitive user experiences. 

Average salary for a UX Designer is $80,000

What could I learn in a UX internship?

How to undertake a design audit

How to work with creative briefs

How to audit user journeys

How to make customer personas

How to undertake A/B Testing

How to undertake UX research

What key skills do I need for a UX internship?


Problem-solving skills

Attention to detail

UX Internship Testimonials 

Rhiannon Osborne-Tonner is at UCL studying Natural Sciences focusing on genetics, mathematics and statistics. She spent one month on Start Me Up’s Internship Program.

“I was responsible for the design and UX of the app. So going from the idea to exactly what we want the app to look like. And more recently, I’ve been developing a static landing page for people to download the app from.”



I started developing the front end of the product. This involved user experience design and content strategy. 

I’ve learned how to map a user’s journey through an online service, how to transform a user’s pains and gains into useful ideas and how to design a sitemap. I’m also learning about content strategy and architecture, how you display content and organize it.

Working in Bali has been a very special experience.  

Mónica Larrazabal Alvarez-guerra, University of Navarra, Spain

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As part of my internship with a fintech startup I got the chance to learn about UX design which I’d never done before and always wanted to do which was really great.

Working with my startup mentor, I got the chance to use popular UX tools like Sketch to design and build landing pages. 

Luke Kock, Warwick University, UK

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