Emet Zeit recently graduated from University of California, Santa Barbara, with a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and a technology management certificate. He spent one month working on a social enterprise as part of Start Me Up’s Remote Internship Program.

Why did you decide to do a Start Me Up Internship?

“I was interested in entrepreneurship and startups and was looking to travel while also gaining experience.”

Tell me about the startup you’re currently working with?

“I’ve been working for a newly formed social enterprise, focused on inspiring digital nomads, expats and travelers to give back to the communities that they’re living in.”

What projects have you been working on?

“I’ve been a project coordinator helping out on a multitude of whatever projects that come up. We launched a new website, so I’ve been doing a lot of web development.

It’s a social enterprise which means they are an organization focused on impact and they don’t currently generate any revenue. I’ve been helping them determine ways to generate revenue, including a marketplace on their website. So I’ve been determining the strategy for that.”

During this startup experience, what you have found most surprising?

“How much impact you can have on a new organization. I think each week I got to move higher up in the ranks and I got more and more responsibility just based off my last week’s work.”


Check out what Emet got up to on his Social Enterprise Internship… 

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