Social Enterprise Internship

Looking for an international social enterprise internship you can do in Bali?

Do you want a high impact cross-cultural internship experience?

Do you like the idea of learning about emerging models of social enterprise?

Why should you do a social enterprise internship?

Social enterprises contribute $70 billion to the economy each year. Together they are lifting communities out of poverty and solving important social problems. 

Get an insight into some of the innovative solutions used by an emerging class of social impact and social enterprise startups. 

Learn everything from marketing, business development, positioning and product development on our social enterprise internship. 

Social enterprises contribute $70 billion to the global economy

What could I learn on a social enterprise internship?

How to develop a marketing strategy for a social enterprise

How to work in cross-cultural environments

How to optimize a web presence for a social enterprise. 

How to undertake market research

Innovative solutions to tackle some of society’s biggest challenges

How to develop new revenue streams

What key skills do I need for a social enterprise internship?


Problem-solving skills

Cross-cultural skills

“You meet so many people, learn so much. There’s definitely opportunities that can come out of it if you make the most of your time here.” 

Tayla Christensen

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“I didn’t know what my expectations were before coming here. But it was definitely something amazing. I made really great connections both professionally and personally. It was overwhelmingly exciting to be here.”

Juan Carlos, York University, Toronto.

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Jessica Lochan-Jenkinson spent one month working for a social enterprise startup with Start Me Up Program in Bali.

Ashna Jalan is studying Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Toronto. She spent one month working for a social impact startup in Bali.

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