Since arriving in Bali I’ve been on a mission to learn, create and understand as much about business while applying to my own projects (one of which is the student-focused website So I set out to teach myself what I could while gathering a wealth of information from other entrepreneurs located in the coworking space where I’m based. Here’s what I’ve picked up in the last eight weeks:

1.How to build an online store

After seeing a number of successful people running and managing e-commerce platforms, I decided to create my own online store, starting from scratch and with little knowledge, I managed to build a fully working store, import numerous different products. I set up payments, shipping and customized the entire store to suit the brand. The different ways to optimize conversions on a website was also something I delved into.  

2.The process of selling products online

With the rise of Facebook advertising and its power to find a specific audience, I looked at how I could convert the listed products into a revenue-generating stream using the power of Facebook ads to drive website visits and convert traffic. As this venture was a complete experiment, it really helped me develop a new skill set.

3.More experience in building websites

Since being in Bali I have built two websites, a rebuild of my previous website but also a platform which involved learning how to create a members client portal as I looked into building a user-generated content marketplace.

4.The value of creating an email list & email marketing

I learned the value of creating an email list and effective email marketing after meeting some incredibly inspiring individuals who were making thousands of dollars a week from their ability to grow a connected and engaged email list. I learned about sales funnels, from collecting the emails on Facebook to giving tiny doses of value throughout the sales funnel until a conversion happens.

5. Improved my video making skills (Scripting, planning & executing)

As a content creator for multiple brands, being in Bali has tested me to learn the process of creating, scripting planning and executing the video making process. I’ve overcome many different hurdles and challenges to create engaging videos.  

6. Facebook advertising & campaigns

I’ve realized the true power of Facebook advertising. Most notably, in e-commerce and video marketing as I looked to investigate and learn more about the potential of this advertising platform. I was amazed at its outreach and targeting aspects, so much so I started running micro campaigns myself and testing different products, images and videos and the response was greater than expected, it led to my first e-commerce store conversion after just two weeks. Now I’m looking at doing some greater research on Facebook advertising and looking to promote my endeavors using this platform.

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7. Content creation

Editing and shooting videos and taking photos is a passion of mine. Since I’ve been here I’ve been able to experiment with all kinds of content creation to achieve a range of different business objectives, from brand awareness to sales.

8. How to build a Youtube channel

As YouTube becomes the new TV for the current generation as well as being the second largest search engine after google, video marketing now is becoming more popular than ever. As a result, I have investigated and implemented the processes and procedures involved in learning to launch a YouTube channel, algorithm information, creating video content according to research and understanding how to maintain growth throughout the journey of the channel.

I also recently acquired a large client to undertake the entire process of optimizing, launching and planning for the channel’s growth. I look forward to becoming very experienced in the processes that surround YouTube.

9. Further optimization tactics for growing Instagram accounts

I was already a brand influencer on Instagram with a clear understanding of how to grow multiple different accounts. But being in Bali has allowed me to test different strategies across different brands, which I will take forward in optimizing other businesses Instagram accounts as well as my own in the future.

10. Platforms to help me structure, plan and organize my projects

Before arriving in Bali, I was very disorganized when it came to business I would just do every task and not structure a direction or goal. I would just use this grand vision to drive my work. However, being here has made me realize the true value of structure and organization, I am still learning every day but being in the environment where access to support and information on this topic is so valuable. From task manager software like Asana, to business communications platforms like Slack all have given me a much stronger foothold in the world of business.

11. So many different online business models

I’ve met so many entrepreneurs, spanning e-commerce and consulting, to freelancing, fashion and selling courses. Asking different questions has given me a deeper understanding of the way they structure each business and what types of marketing they do to grow and raise brand awareness. All of which provide a rich understanding across different ways of doing business.

12. How to create a basic members portal

After having a vision for a user generated content platform, I wanted to design a website which allowed a members’ login area so each customer can have their own profile and distinguish themselves and their content. UsingWordPresss, talking to other entrepreneurs and good old YouTube I was able through WordPress plugins and other tools to create my very own members portal for clients who acted as brands and users who acted as the content generators.

13. Point of view advertising projects

As an avid GoPro user, I was always fascinated by the ‘point of view’ approach they used to their marketing campaigns. One of the reasons why GoPro has been so successful marketing-wise was their ability to capture a unique perspective, one that immerses the audience in the experience.

Using this idea, I developed a style of advertising which doesn’t just cater to extreme sports. I started experimenting with a point of view style so customers can get a true immersive experience of what a product, service or experience may feel and look like from their own eyes. As advertising progresses with virtual reality and 360 video becoming more popular, this point of view perspective to marketing will be how products and services of the future are shown to the world, so I am excited to be driving in this direction of content creation!

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