Recent Dartmouth College Graduate, Zoe Schwartzman, completed a Conservation internship as part of Start Me Up’s Remote Internship Program.

“I’ve been working for a social impact startup that tries to pair rising tech talent with social good enterprises in developing countries. I’ve been working on two different projects. The first one I was researching grants for my startup.

The second project is helping them create their minimum viable product which is going to be a partnership between tech talent and the mentors they source and then this organization in French Polynesia that’s restoring the coral reefs.

So they’re going to use technology and AI to track the different species of fish that are coming in and out of the reef and hopefully that will help with restoration.

I think it’s challenging to learn how to work remotely and learn how to communicate remotely.

My startup is on the West Coast, so we communicate everyday over zoom and over slack and I think that has been a challenge. I had never done it before so it’s definitely been a great learning opportunity for me to understand ‘how do I effectively communicate and work remotely and let them know what I’m doing’ and so that’s a skill I will carry with me.

I think it’s been really interesting for me to get a lens into what remote work looks like and how digital nomads work. I think it’s helped me reflect a lot on ‘how can I be self-motivated and productive and diligent at my own schedule when there’s so much freedom’ which is not something I’ve really dealt with before.
But it’s really made me interested in possibly working remotely in the future and, as this is the future of work, I think it’s great to have this experience now when I’m still young.

Part of me would really like to have my own business or at least do something innovative in a specific field.

The reason I really loved this experience is that I know I want to do something social impact focused in the future, so it’s been great to work for a social impact startup and see the challenges they face and how they’re making their way forward.

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