There’s a lot to think about when you’re preparing to go abroad for the first time. We want to help you make this as easy as possible, so we’ve created this helpful checklist of things to think about before you fly.

There are a few things to sort out before you leave. Most of the things you need will be available in Indonesia but there are some things it pays to get sorted in advance.


Make sure your vaccinations are up to date. Typhoid is particularly important and requires a booster every few years. Contact your doctor to find out which vaccines you need before travel to Indonesia.


Make sure you have at least six months valid on your passport before you arrive or you won’t be allowed in.

Onward flight

They may also ask you for details of your onward flight when you’re leaving your home country.  Have them ready.


You will need to take out comprehensive travel insurance as you would for any trip. Check that your insurance:

+Covers the country you are going to.

+Covers interning abroad.

+Covers the amount of time you’re spending away.

+Offers coverage for your belongings.

+Covers you for an accident while mountain biking (Extreme sports).

+Covers you for scooter riding


License to drive

Are you planning to ride a motorbike, scooter or car while you’re away? As well as making sure your insurance covers you on the mode of transport you’ll be using, you might need to obtain an international driver’s license – although these are not compulsory in Bali. These are available from larger post offices in the UK.


Many generic versions of different medicines will be available abroad but you may want to make sure you have identical medicine to the kind that you use at home. Visit your doctor to see if you need any specific vaccinations or medication ahead of your travels.


Some bank accounts offer free withdrawals and cards like Revolut allow you to add credit to them and withdraw funds at no cost.

Make sure your bank knows you are travelling so you can use your card freely as you travel.

Hard to buy

You can buy most of what you need abroad. But some things are better obtained from home.

Dental floss is available but can be hard to track down

Hiking boots (if you want to climb a volcano). But remember, break them in properly before you start ascending any mountains.

Adaptors. You can buy these while you’re here, but higher quality ones that don’t explode tend to be more widely available at home!

First aid essentials eg band-aids, antiseptic cream.

Any medications you need for the duration of your stay

Ear plugs (are often essential if you’re traveling to a rooster-tastic destination like Ubud in Bali).

Passport (goes without saying)

Copies of passport (for motorbike hire etc). You can get copies made out here but might be easier to have them in advance.

Good quality deet-based mosquito repellant


-Book your ticket a couple of months before your flight and use sites like Skyscanner to compare ticket prices.

Inform about prices before you book anything such as a hotel, trips, rent a motorbike etc. Prices are often cheaper if you book these on the spot.

Think well before your internship if you can actually pay for going abroad for a long time. living in Bali is a lot cheaper than the Netherlands, but you will probably not earn as much money here.

Are you going to take up a student loan for this internship? Set a limit beforehand and don’t change this when you’re abroad only if you really have to.

-Check if your bankcard is set on ‘international’ Check with your bank if you are not sure.

-Do you have a credit card? Or a debit card with a limit? Check if the limit is not too low which might be difficult if you have a month where you spent more on e.g. flight tickets.

-Do you have a room or apartment in your home country? You don’t always have to give this up if you’re going abroad consider subletting it for the duration of your stay outside of the Netherlands


-Are you using medicine? Check if they are also available in your internship country and make sure they’re legal there.

-Start with setting up a checklist well before you leave, this can save a lot of stress while packing.

-If you are going abroad for longer than 9 months then you need to register in your country of residence. Check whether this has any implications for your insurance.
If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email!

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