Depressed about the election result?

The world of remote work means you can escape bad weather, nightmare politicians and live and work anywhere with an internet connection.

I’ve spent the last few years working remotely for clients, allowing me to work from Goa, Bali, Ko Lanta in Thailand, Nepal and Malaysia. And I have many friends who spend their lives perpetually on the move, far away from the politicians they loathe and weather that gets them down.

So how can you be a remote worker exactly?

The main requirement for doing any kind of remote job is a reliable internet connection and a laptop. The growing number of remote coworking communities around the world are making it easier to access a reliable internet connection as you travel. And they have an added advantage – and that’s the communities of potential collaborators (and friends) who you meet as you travel around.

Be a remote employee

Companies are increasingly allowing their employees to work remotely. While many companies are still reluctant to offer it as standard, many accept that they must provide more flexible options for staff in order to retain the best talent. I’ve met sales people, designers, customer support officers and writers who work remotely.

Launch a freelance business

Do you have a skill you can freelance? Many copywriters, bloggers, designers and web developers have freelance operations that allow them to work remotely. The best paid work tends to come from major cities, so either secure client contracts before you leave or have someone on the ground who can help you get work. You can get freelance work from sites like or Upwork. Popular options for remote freelancers include UX/UI designers, copywriters and mobile app developers.

Get experience working for a remote startup

Start Me Up runs programs that connect young people with opportunities at startups oveseas allowing you to learn how to work remotely from amazing locations – and heaps of other useful startup skills.

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