Haley Johnson interned in Bali for two months with Start Me Up.

I’ve been interning for a startup in Bali for one month so far and I’m having the time of my life. Not only have I learned invaluable skills during my internship, I’m able to travel and explore. If you’ve been considering an internship abroad, I’ve listed out a few reasons why I think you should.

I’m convinced this experience would completely change your life. Interning abroad has allowed me to take control of my life, meet incredible people and create new experiences every day.

Here are six reasons you should intern abroad:

1. Live like a local.

Every time I go on holiday, I come back wanting more. I never feel like I did or saw enough. I wanted to see more, do more and meet more people. Interning abroad gives you the opportunity to do it all.

Spending time with locals can give you insight on the culture or getting lost in the next town over could lead to you discover a new hiking spot. You might even find out about the underground dive bar only locals knows about. Living in a new community opens your eyes to a whole new world.

2. Learn valuable skills.

Interning abroad allows you to learn in a completely different way than you would back home.

Not only do you learn valuable skills in your field, you learn life skills that will put you light years ahead of your peers. You learn about a new culture and how to adapt to new situations. You learn how to be self-sufficient and develop your critical thinking skills. I have grown more in my month here than any job I’ve had in my hometown.

Intern Abroad

3. Spend less money.

 In some countries, the cost of living is so low that it’s cheaper to live abroad than it is to live at home. I’m living in Bali and my accommodation is about half the price than it is back home. Meals are around $3, my scooter is $45/month and, other than student loans, I don’t have any bills to pay.
Since I can only bring back what I brought with me, I spend my money on experiences rather than things. Other than a sarong (a light garment worn around the waist to cover the legs) I purchased for visiting temples, any money I spend is on fun activities in the community or traveling to new places.

4. Earn college credit and build your resume.

If your school requires an internship, why not do it abroad? It’s more fun and I bet you’ll get more out of it. With my internship in Bali, I had a more hands-on and fulfilling experience than I had with my previous three internships at home. Interning abroad also looks incredible on a resume. As I mentioned above, the skills you learn are indispensable and the right companies will appreciate your travel experience.

5. Meet vibrant people from around the world.

My favorite part about interning abroad is meeting new people from different countries. Not only have I learned about the culture in Bali, but I’ve been able to learn about the cultures of other interns.

I’m currently living with interns from the UK, Germany, USA, Indonesia and the Netherlands. It’s made my intern experience even better because other interns are open-minded and willing to try new things. When you experience something this life-changing, these people turn into life-long friends.

 6. Discover who you really are.

I don’t believe in the concept ‘finding yourself’, but living abroad really shows you what you’re made of. It’s more of a creation or development. You figure out what you like and what you don’t like.

It broadens your horizons, challenges you and boosts your confidence. I’ve tried a lot of new things here in Bali I probably wouldn’t have at home. This is the perfect opportunity to develop who you are as a person.

Living or working abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I highly encourage you to look into completing your own internship abroad. If you’re curious about interning with Start Me Up, download the application pack below.

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