Alpesh Mapara recently graduated with an economics degree from the University of Durham in the UK. He spent a month interning with a startup in Bali.

“I worked on three main projects with a startup during my time in Bali for a British-run price comparison website.

My first project was doing a business model analysis to identify the best business model for the website. The analysis involved running a qualitative and quantitative analysis of two possible business models to determine which one the startup should proceed with.

Within a week we’d narrowed down what business model to adopt. This business model will affect how much money the startup will make over the coming years: it was a huge level of responsibility for me to have from the outset.

Many bootstrapping startups are looking for cost-effective ways to reach new customers. So the next project was a research piece looking into YouTube marketing strategies. I produced a report that made recommendations for how to implement a marketing strategy for YouTube.

The third project was also marketing-focused and involved the production of an analysis of Google Adsense to how to acquire customers and attract revenue for the website.

work setting

One of the great things about being here is how motivating and inspiring it is. Within just a couple of weeks of being here, all of the interns were working on their own business ideas – even though most of us had never started anything before.

Among the startup community here, I’ve met former Olympic athletes, entrepreneurs, and people from the corporate world, all coming together.,

I’d definitely recommend the internship. It’s an incredible experience to be here and be surrounded by the sort of people that you get to meet.

More than that, you develop certain skills that you won’t develop for a corporate firm back home. These skills are incredibly useful for both going into the corporate or startup world.

And this is probably the best setting to work on a startup.”

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