Tim Doughty is a recent graduate in finance from the University of Nottingham in the UK. He spent one-month interning for a San Francisco-based finance startup – while in Bali.

I interned with a San-Francisco-based finance startup through Start Me Up.

There are two great things about working for a startup. Firstly, the work is so varied. And secondly, the work you do is actually implemented.

Every day I was in touch with the founder in San Francisco. I approached investors and advisors in Silicon Valley, created a podcast for the company and developed a marketing strategy along with the head of marketing, within the first couple of weeks.

The coworking space is a great place to be when working for a startup or even launching your own business. It’s located just down the road from a monkey forest, which means you sometimes get visited by monkeys (some of them are very cheeky). Outside there’s a beautiful view of a rice field.

The coworking space also organizes social events like ‘social hour’ (or more accurately five hours) on Fridays. These events are a great opportunity to get to know all the inspiring and interesting people who also work at the coworking space.

There are many events, but the two that stand out for me are the skill shares and the think tanks. Skill shares are workshops on a specific topic or area such as e-commerce, equity or copywriting, for example. People get together to get advice on your idea and/or contacts to enable you to progress your idea.

In addition to interning, I’ve been enjoying my weekends. From mountain biking down volcanoes and walking through rice fields to checking out the island’s beautiful beaches. In all, it’s been an amazing experience: I’d never be able to have weekends like this if I was interning in London.

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