Maria studies English Language and Literature at the University of Oxford. She completed a Gaming Internship as part of Start Me Up’s Remote Internship Program on a social networking app for gamers.

So why did you decide to join Start Me Up?

“I wanted to do Start Me Up because I’m interested in entrepreneurship and other more unusual career pathways, rather than the usual corporate environment.

I was also looking at internships that were abroad because that seemed more exciting. So it was a perfect combination of entrepreneurial experience and being abroad.”

What projects have you been working in?

“I was working on a social networking app for gamers which uses AI, personality testing and gaming preference to match two people similar to you.

I was on the marketing side of the experience. I had to work on a press release and do some data analysis, which was fun. I think the main thing I learned is actually getting the insider experience by seeing how a startup works. This included seeing the way things are organized on a daily basis, which was one of the more valuable things I learned.”

What do you think about Bali?

“Bali has been great! I loved all the trips with the other interns. I went to the Mount Batur tour to see the sunrise, to Uluwatu for the beaches and we also went on an amazing trip to Nusa Penida Island.”

Any advice for future interns?

“Try to explore as much as possible, be very open-minded to people and ideas. Be proactive as well. I think that is very important. You obviously have to dedicate your time to the startup you are working with but also try to go to some events in the co-working spaces.

Basically, make the most of each opportunity that you are given. Enjoy!”


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