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While stuck in the library revising for exams, I’d imagine what it might be like to be my own boss, commuting to a tropical workspace on a motorbike, choosing my own hours, my own schedule and living in an amazing place.

After months of studying and finally completing my exams I was hungry for new experiences, and I wanted to push the envelope a little further. After doing some research, I decided Start Me Up was the answer.

The options were Portugal, Mexico and Bali, Indonesia. I chose Bali. Over the past few years, the island has become home to a growing hub of entrepreneurs. I’d been interested in the digital nomad way of life for some time. So once I got the chance to experience it first hand, I jumped at the opportunity.

first days startups

After being shown around my accommodation, which has its own pool, I met up with fellow intern who is also currently on the Start Me Up program out here. He’s interning with a tech startup with offices in London, New York and Bali. We live in the same accommodation and work from the same space but work on different projects.

The next day our bikes arrived and we headed out on an adventure. After a week, I’ve fallen in love with this place and its pristine beaches. Being so close to the beach is a dream for me, I can sit and hear the waves crashing against the shore. I was raised near the ocean and it makes me nostalgic being back by the sea.

There are no offices. We work from coworking spaces. My internship includes membership of an awesome coworking space. Our space does a great job of organizing events that allow you to network with entrepreneurs from all over the world. The network and knowledge I’ve built just in the last week is unreal.

As a beginner in entrepreneurial endeavours this is absolutely fascinating to me. No more struggling to solve hurdles relating to my startup idea – everywhere I look there are people willing and able to help. Already, I feel my perspectives toward work are broadening, it’s hard to articulate how amazing this place is.

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