I started the week with the legendary eggs and bacon on toast from Monsieur Spoon. In a place like Ubud where everyone gets a bit too into the whole vegan diet thing, a place which does proper breakfasts is a lifesaver. In bacon we trust.

Interning Overseas

As with every week, there was an influx of new and interesting people coming into Hubud (the coworking space where I’m based). One of these people was Michael who is running a sustainable farming company in Germany using aquaponic technology. He aims to expand his business into Asian countries where the need for sustainable food production is so important.

Work this week has been as busy as always. I’ve mainly been involved in ironing out any issues in the marketing funnels whilst also doing a lot of content creation. The issues with the funnels mostly involve people being sent some emails in error due to an incorrect automation; this is why I’m also running constant tests so I can find these problems before a customer does.

The content I’ve been writing has involved guides on how to use the marketing funnels and how to get the most out of the newly implemented process. This is really important because when I no longer work at the startup, someone else will have to pick up where I left off, so they need to know quickly where to begin. I’ve also been involved in some competitor analysis which is helping us define what we need to highlight and develop.

I’ve been making more and more progress on my own startup too. This week I’ve been focusing on the more creative side. I’ve been making new logos, designing color schemes and building the copy for my website. As always, in Hubud there are experts in many of these fields who are more than happy to help out.

This weekend, a trip to Uluwatu, a surfer’s paradise, was planned. It’s about two hours south of Ubud so a bit of a journey but it was well worth it. On the way, we stopped off in Sanur and explored an abandoned (and supposedly haunted) theme park. Looking around the deserted buildings and theatres was a great experience and provided plenty of great opportunities for an edgy photo. After our detour, we made our way to Bingin Beach in Uluwatu.

bigstock--134810963The scenery in Uluwatu is beautiful, and the beaches are fantastic. We had a memorable dinner on Bingin Beach with fresh tuna, caught that day and barbecued in front of us. After that, we joined a couple of friends at a party on Padang Padang Beach. The next day involved visiting Uluwatu temple which is a must-see for its amazing views and precarious position right on the cliff edge. We also checked out Single Fin bar and its infamous Sunday night party after having a surf and swim at Blue Point bay. We stayed over in Uluwatu on Sunday night to avoid driving back to Ubud in the dark (and drunk).

Now I’ve been here for over a month, I can begin to reflect on my time in Bali and what has changed for me. The most valuable thing I’ve learned is just that this lifestyle exists. At school and university, we are directed mainly towards working for a big corporate employer. Whilst this isn’t a bad thing at all, it doesn’t suit everyone. I’m not sure yet if it will suit me, but my time in Bali has been beneficial as it’s given me the comfort in knowing there are more options available if I did find myself unsatisfied in my career later down the line.

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