Ollie Rodney interned in Bali for two months as part of Start Me Up’s Startup Internship Program.

It’s my last week in Bali. So much has happened during my time here. I’ve developed countless new skills, built some amazing networks, and achieved some really big things.

I can now begin to reflect on what I have accomplished over the last two months.

My startup has grown from just an idea at the beginning of the summer to a launchable business. I have gone out of my way to make contact with fascinating people who have helped me develop and change my business to make it as successful as possible. Following a number of pitches to both big and small audiences I’ve also figured out how to get valuable feedback from a group.

My marketing ability has also improved so that I’m now much more confident in getting across the right messages to the right people. All of these skills I’ve been developing during my time in Bali are incredibly valuable life skills, regardless of which career I end up pursuing.

I’ve also managed to get a lot done for the startup I’ve been interning with at Hubud. The automated marketing system has been successfully implemented and is already being put to good use. The webpages I’ve been redesigning are looking good and are ready to be put into action.

We have also made a lot of progress in formulating the strategy for scaling. All the necessary objectives the startup needed to expand into new markets have been done, and a plan has been set out detailing exactly how this can be achieved.

It’s a really exciting time for the startup and with all the progress made over the summer, it will no doubt be a successful time.

Outside of the work, my two months in Bali have been action packed to say the least. I’ve trekked up a volcano, mountain biked down a volcano, surfed some of the best waves on earth, partied in Kuta, relaxed in Seminyak, eaten fresh tuna in Uluwatu, explored an abandoned theme park in Sanur, been diving around the Gili islands, and of course met some pretty cool people along the way.

This week I’m focusing on tying up all loose ends with the projects I’ve been involved with during the internship. I’m also making sure I have done everything which should be done here in Hubud.

When I go back to the UK it will be a very different atmosphere, there will be no tech savvy people nearby in Wales and little opportunity to get constructive feedback from top designers, developers, and marketers. I’m finalizing designs, getting advice and contacts off people at Hubud, and also ensuring the next steps for my startup are planned out.

In my last few days, I got the last things on my “Bali To Do list” checked off. I went to see the famous Ubud Kecak (fire) dance on Tuesday which was fantastic. The dancers chant around a fire and go into a trance. One man who is so out of it, then starts dancing in the fire; it was a pretty surreal thing to watch and I’d definitely recommend it. I also went to Tibetan Bowl meditation, which is a special type of meditation where you lie down and someone rings a series of bells. These sounds are meant to relax you but I wasn’t convinced. It was still a fun experience.

On my last night in Ubud, I had my leaving party, which was also a friend’s birthday so we decided to make an event of it. It was such a great evening, about 40 friends came and joined us. Although it was sad to be leaving these great people who I had got to know so well over the last two months, I knew it wouldn’t be the last time I saw them as I don’t think I’ll be away from Bali for long…

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