Rachel Wells is studying Biological Sciences at Imperial College London. She took part in a Data Analytics and Visualization Internship as part of Start Me Up’s Internship Program for a HealthTech startup in the UK.

I decided to do a Start Me Up internship because I wanted to do something different. I don’t think there are other internships that offer something like this. I didn’t want to do a corporate internship and I wanted to experience working for an international company. 

My project involved data visualization with a startup neuroscience company focusing on brain wellness. It relates to my degree as I do biology and they’re a neuroscience company. However, the actual project that I’m doing for them is quite different.

So far, I’ve learned how to use Cinema4D, which is an animation software where you can make 3D graphics. I’ve been using that to make 3D brain graphics. I’ve also been using Tableau, which I’ve been using to make charts and dashboards.

On a typical day when I wasn’t in the office, I tend to get up, pick up some breakfast, make my way to Dojo (the co-working space) and speak to everyone there before I start work. And then I’d do a couple hours of work, go out for lunch, carry on working and do whatever I like in the evening.

Working from the co-working space is so interesting. The people you meet there aren’t just interns. They’re people from all over the world working on completely different projects who are so young – many have set up and are running their own companies. It’s pretty unique in that sense.

This internship changed the way I looked at work. I’m definitely not going to go corporate. I can’t stand the idea of having to work 9-5 at a desk job, or even longer hours. I think I’m definitely going to try to get involved in some co-working spaces in London and maybe work for startups in the future.

To future applicants: do it. I think it was hard to convince my friends and family that this is something legit and that it is worthwhile and it took me a while to make that step myself. But everyone I’ve told about what I’ve been up to has been really impressed.

Here’s what Rachel got up to on her internship in Bali…

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