Josh Nokes, a recent graduate in Industrial Economics from Nottingham University, reflects on his time on a Startup Internship with Start Me Up.

“I wasn’t quite ready to join the corporate world after graduating. So I embarked on an experience that would change my life forever. In August, I spent a month interning with successful entrepreneurs who run thriving business operations from their laptops.

My opening week of this new adventure was eventful, to say the least. The first few days in Bali included packed out days completing courses in coding and digital marketing, talks on ‘how to write a novel in 30 days’ and salsa dancing.

The evenings were just as action-packed with pool parties, game nights and after work drinks. My first weekend in Bali saw me share some surreal experiences with some new lifelong friends.

Following a very late Friday night, I was up at 7am the following morning to bike ride down a volcano. We stopped at a coffee plantation, cycled through rice fields, tackled a waterfall and finished up at the beach to watch the sunset.

You’d think after such a long day out I would be pretty wiped out, but think again. Sunday morning I was up again, earlier than the day before and filled with even more excitement as I was heading to the Gili Islands (some idyllic islands nearby).

During the week there was also work to be done. Working closely with Michael, a Canadian ex-stockbroker, we completed a huge variety of tasks from formulating a financial model depicting the predicted sales of one his products to interviewing potential virtual assistants from the Philippines to fulfil the business’s customer service needs. Not your usual day-to-day tasks for an intern.

During my third week, I wanted learn more about the culture in Ubud. I bought some local clothes, attended sunrise yoga sessions and went to some more amazing local restaurants.

As for my entrepreneurial development, Mike made sure I had plenty of new tasks to keep me occupied. I also attended some really interesting talks – most notably a workshop on product development – from idea to getting to market.

The ambitious vibe in this entrepreneurial hub is contagious. I started working on a new business project alongside my internship.

In fact, my four weeks in Bali were massive for me, I was keen to try something new but I had no idea of the magnitude of the benefits from something like this in terms of skills developed and friendships formed.

Upon leaving Bali, it was clear what a special experience this was. I had only been there a month but I felt as if I had a new family after sharing such wonderful experiences with these awesome people. I can now take these skills with me. As I start my job in London, I have never been more willing to push myself out of my comfort zone – I’m ready for whatever comes next.”

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