At Start Me Up, we offer advice on everything from nailing job interviews and applications to upskilling.

Here are our top tips for getting a job at a tech giant.

Don’t apply for your ideal job straight off the bat

While you might be keen to get stuck in on the applications that matter the most, you can learn a lot from application processes, so be patient.

Mimic the language from the person/job specification in your CV or resume

Many companies will only glance at CV’s and if you don’t have the buzzwords you may not even be considered.

Skill up in areas where you’re lacking

Try to understand and learn the skill stated in the person requirements to a basic level so you can put it on your CV. You can watch YouTube videos, read articles and take online courses to learn the key in-demand skills for your industry.

Video interviews can be very stressful so make sure to do lots of practice

Interview practice is crucial, make sure you can answer questions concisely. Do trial interviews by recording yourself or practicing with your friends and family. Practice your body language as you’ll likely be recorded. 

Use LinkedIn for mentoring

You can connect with experts in the industry who will revise your CV and help you with interview preparation on LinkedIn. Make the most of the resources available to you. You don’t need a paid for account. You can contact people via LinkedIn by submitting a connection request. 

Apply for as many companies as you possibly can

If you get multiple offers you may have the scope to negotiate aspects of the role eg: salary and working hours.

After an initial interview, ask what you can expect from the next round

Often you will be told what type of interview it is, for example, if it’s skills or personality based. This can help a lot, allowing you to prepare fully and potentially putting you ahead of other candidates.

Use LinkedIn to connect with employees from the company you’re applying to

Talk to current employees to get some information about what it’s like to work there, how the company is run etc. 

Use your contacts

While you might feel cheeky asking for help, if you know someone at the company you are applying to their referral can be beneficial for you both.

Check sites like ‘Glassdoor’ before going to interviews

They often have helpful information about application processes, including what types of questions to expect in their interviews, so you can be extra prepared.

Research what kinds of positions tech giants recruit for. 

Companies like Google don’t just hire software engineers, they also hire marketing specialists and salespeople. Identify opportunities that are most likely to be a good fit for your background, eg sales or growth marketing, etc. 

Don’t worry if you don’t get an offer from Google for your first job

It doesn’t matter if you’re not a fresh graduate, often big tech companies like to see a breadth of experience and having a variety of experience won’t necessarily count against you. Companies are often willing to hire from a variety of degree backgrounds. Having relevant experience is more important. 

Prepare for a gruelling interview process 

Companies like Google often have eight rounds of interviews, the first two may involve initial screenings from the HR and hiring managers. There may be questions about the company and its values. There will also often be cognitive ability tests, technical skills tests, leadership quality tests and structured interviews, including ‘tell me about a time…’ style questions.

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