Thinking about working for a startup?

At Start Me Up, we spend a lot of time interviewing people from the world of startups to find out how they much they like their jobs. Here are some of the best reasons to work for a startup:

Make a Difference

You’ll be able to contribute ideas that’ll directly influence what’s being developed.

Working for a startup will provide you with lots of responsibility. You’ll be able to be part of the team that determines whether a product succeeds or fails. 

This is why startups breed passion. You’ll really care about the end product because you’ve been involved in every part of the process.

Endless Experience 

Working for a startup will allow you to gain a lot of experience. You can really spread your wings. It’s unlikely you’ll be limited to a specific job description in the same way you would be in a large corporation.

For example, if you’re working in the marketing team of a startup, you’ll improve your tech literacy because you’ll be working more closely with the tech team. 

Chat to the tech team, maybe help them out with their latest project, and bag yourself some experience.

You can wear a number of hats. You can see what departments you excel in, and where you love to work. You’ll come out of the other side a well-rounded individual with knowledge of every aspect of a business and how its run.

Learn Skills Fast

New positions are always emerging within startups as they find their feet.  

In larger companies, they hire to fill a specific role and might be less likely to support you in learning a new skill. Higher positions tend to be filled with those that already have the skills, unlike in a startup where teams are smaller, and money is tighter.

You Won’t Be Just Another Cog in The Wheel

As a startup employee, you’ll get to know your colleagues well. Chances are, you’ll actually know everyone. Which is great for networking, and for your social life. 

Your hard work will be valued. If you work late nights and weekends, it’s more likely to be recognized in a smaller company. 

Speedy Career Progression

It’ll be easier and quicker to get a promotion in a startup, where you’re well known, than in a large corporation where you’re one of many. It can take many years to progress from entry-level roles in large corporations, but when a company is just starting up, they’re more likely to trust you with more duties. 

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