Hannah Nasif recently graduated from the University of Bristol in the UK where she studies law. She spent one month on Start Me Up’s Startup Internship Program in Bali interning for a fintech startup.

 After graduation, Hannah was looking to explore new avenues and try something completely different. She was curious about exploring the world of fintech and doing something more creative so Start Me Up found her an opportunity in content marketing for a European tech startup. 

“I studied Law and taken a year out to work in a few diverse industries, but I couldn’t really pinpoint what I want to do. Then I came across the internship and thought it would be a great way to try working remotely.”

She set up Google Alerts for keywords that were relevant to their niche in finance and drew up a list of target publications. She undertook a competitor analysis, produced a series of recommendations for a B2B marketing strategy then started researching and drafting her own articles.

“My job was to get inside the mind of a prospective customer to research what he or she read and the kinds of articles that would resonate with them.”

“I’d wake up pretty early, hit the gym at 7am, come back, shower, hit Dojo as soon as I could, have breakfast either at Dojo or somewhere else, do some research, do some work. Have a nice lunch break by the beach, do some tanning, come back do more work. Then in the evening nice drinks for sunset or go out with the team of interns and some activities.”

In the world of startups there are no layers of middle management. You get access to those at the top of the company. 

 “I was communicating with two people in the company, one of whom was the CEO, the relationship was great. We communicated mainly over email and had a lot of calls to kind of keep up to date with how we were doing.”

‘It’s super inspiring seeing a lot of people sitting there grinding, doing their own work, being really successful working away from an office space.  

“It’s so different to anything I personally have ever done. It’s almost like you’re working but not working because you’re able to structure your life how you want to do it. If you have surf class at 7am you can go to that, then if you have a meeting at this time you can go out and do whatever you want.”

Hannah’s advice for future interns: “Do everything. Any opportunity – take it. Wake up early to get everything done. Be a bit sleep deprived, it’s ok. Do everything to the max and take advantage of it all.”

Most memorable moment? 

“We were walking through Ubud and I had a plastic bag of stuff I’d just bought from the market and I felt someone holding onto it. I thought someone was stealing my bag, so I pulled it. But it was ripped from me, I looked down and it was actually a monkey which had taken the bag from me.”

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