Coding Bootcamp, Bali

Do you want to build your coding skills while you travel the world?

Are you looking to fast-track your career in tech and or/data science? 


Our 16-night coding bootcamp could be for you. 

Why should you do a Start Me Up coding bootcamp

Demand for technical talent has never been greater.

Programmers can apply their skills to anything from app development to automation and data science.

Learn one of the most in-demand skills right now on our immersive coding bootcamp program. 

Knowledge of Python is desirable for the following careers

Web developer

The average salary for a web developer is $75,487

Software engineer

The average salary for a software engineer is $103,035

Quality assurance analyst

The average salary for
quality assurance manager
jobs is $72,308

Data scientist

The average salary for a data scientist is $117,345

Business intelligence analyst

The average salary for a business intelligence analyst is $80,154

Average salary for a Python Programmer is $123,743

 Why choose Start Me Up


 We’re the travel and education program of choice for young people who want to fast track their entrepreneurial ideas and upskill.


 Our programs are amongst the top rated programs on Go Overseas (96%) and have attracted over 200 students from some of the world’s most prestigious universities (Princeton, Cambridge, Cornell, Northwestern).  


93% of our alumni felt better equipped for their career as a result of our program


Rated 96% on Go Overseas


100% were happy with the support the Start Me Up team provided during their program

What I could learn on a coding bootcamp?

How to program with variables

Understanding control flow

Object-oriented programming in Python

Modules, libraries and APIs for Python

Here about Start Me Up from them…

It’s different to studying at university because this is the real world. They don’t really teach you how to deal with the real world at university. 

Vish, UK

What you learn, the soft skills and hard skills you learn, you can apply them to almost everything.

Juan, Canada

 This truly was one of a kind experience that you won’t regret! The people and staff were amazing and you get work experience while you travel! It’s also cool because the people in your cohort are from all over the world so you make friends that you can stay with when you travel.

Tayla, New Zealand

You can find out what you want to do in the future. And you meet amazing people.

Emma, Belgium

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Corona virus update:

As a result of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic we are not able to offer this program at this time. We are however running Remote Internships which will be available irrespective of where you live in the world, find out more about our Remote Internships or apply via the links below.

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