Start Me Up Workshop & Speaker Series

Our mission 

Our programs focus on in-demand skills. We run workshops that develop entrepreneurial skills, creative and design skills. 

Developed by alumni from some of the world’s best known startup accelerators, such as Techstars and Y Combinator, our curriculum covers essential stages of entrepreneurship. From developing a business idea to getting it off the ground. 

Introduction to Startup Ideation

The best business ideas rarely come by accident.

This module covers the practice of startup ideation – the process of coming up with new business ideas.

Discover the techniques used by everyone from tech giants and startups to top design studios.



No Code Prototyping

How to prototype your idea quickly. An overview of creative examples of Minimum Viable Products.

Learn the importance of validating ideas before investing time and resources into them.

How to Validate Your Idea

Insights into how to validate ideas quickly and get feedback from customers.

How to set up  tests for startup idea validation. 

How to iterate and incorporate feedback from users. 

How to Pitch like a Pro

The essentials of successful pitching.

In this workshop we cover how to create a compelling pitch, including how to create an engaging deck and visuals to communicate your idea to different audiences. 


Introduction to Design Thinking

An introduction to design thinking.

Get an overview of product design, learn essential technical terms.


The Essentials of UX

Understand the role of the UX designer and the fundamentals of UX.

Get acquainted with the world of audits and briefs.

User-Centred Design

The user is the central element of UX design.

Learn how to research user personas, carry out user testing and carry out UX research and user journey mapping. 

Design Your Own App

In this workshop you’ll wireframe your own application using the knowledge you’ve gained from the previous three modules. 

How to Be an Effective Remote Worker

Learn the latest tools and best practices used by remote-first companies. Gain familiarity with strategies for time management and communication protocols. 

Project Management Tools

We have access to better software than ever before.  This workshop covers them all and how to select the right tools for your project. 


Career Prototyping

‘What do I want to be when I grow up?’

This workshop applies design thinking techniques like prototyping and mindmapping to help you generate new and inspiring career options.  


How to Set up a Freelance Business

More of us are freelancing than ever before but it’s not a skill well taught at universities. In this workshop we cover how to sell your skills as products and services, how to charge and how to find clients. 



How to Negotiate

It’s not about how hard you work, or even how good you are. Effective negotiation helps you generate value for your business, or your employer, it can also help you better negotiate as an employee. 


How to Get Press

 Getting media exposure can raise the profile of a business and raise its credibility. 


How to Land a Remote Job

More and more companies are hiring remotely, allowing people to work flexibly for companies all over the world. 



How to Create a Content Strategy

Brands generate fans, followers and loyalty by the content they create. This workshop covers how to create a content strategy for a business. 


 How to write for business. This session covers how to write to get people’s attention and how to write for different audiences. 

Intro to Analytics

We have access to more data than ever before. This session covers how to measure, track and interpret data. 


Introduction to Market Research

Getting feedback from customers can help you develop and modify products and services.

Find out how to develop and design questionnaires and frame questions.

How to Ace a Job Interview

How to succeed at interview. We cover everything you need to know about succeeding at job interviews.

Workshop testimonials 

Suma Kunuri and Giuseppe Picciano explain what they gained from Start Me Up’s startup ideation workshop


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