Packing List Essentials (Bali)

So, you’ve booked your program, it’s a week before, and you’re dreading the big pack

You’re in the right place.

Pre-departure essentials


Make sure you have at least 2 empty pages and at least 6 months until expiry

Accommodation Address

We’ll send this to you before you leave but make sure you’ve made a note of the address for the customs declaration card


Make sure your travel insurance covers both medical and personal belongings (some don’t cover your laptop/phone)

Visit Your Doctor

Consult your doctor for information regarding vaccinations

Tech essentials

Laptop & Charger

Sounds obvious, but some do forget!

Unlocked Phone & Charger

We provide a sim, but make sure your phone is unlocked


It’s the same as a European plug

Laptop Case/Bag

Although it’s sunny a lot, it can rain in our locations. So remember to bring something to put your laptop in

Everything else

Clothing – Don’t overpack! Especially in Bali, there are lots of places you can pick up some fab clothes… you don’t want your luggage to be too heavy for your flight home

Swimwear – It’s hot, you’ll want to dive in the pool in free-time or maybe even try your hand at surfing?

Jacket – It does rain, so it is definitely advisable to bring a lightweight waterproof jacket

Socks & boots – If you want to go hiking, this is essential


Essential for your customs card and always useful anyway

First Aid Kit

Doesn’t need to be too extensive, but have the basics

Mosquito Repellent

Important to prevent getting bitten!


In places like Bali, roosters and mopeds are often awake before you are, so it’s definitely worth bringing earplugs to sleep well

Here’s a quick video on all the internship packing essentials

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