Business Development Internship

Are you looking for a business development internship?

Are you looking to build your skills in one of the most essential areas of any startup or established business?

Do you want to learn the strategies companies use to scale their operations? 

Why you should do a business development internship

Business development is absolutely essential for all sustainable profit seeking organizations.

A solid grounding in business development strategies will ensure you’re well-placed for a future career in management.  

It will also make you an attractive hire for any fast-growing organization.


Average annual salary for a business development manager is $58,850

Business Development Internship Testimonials 

Nehaarika Mulukutla, a recent graduate from Northwestern in the US, gives her perspectives on her two-month internship in Bali with Start Me Up before joining McKinsey in the US.

“The internship’s a really great way to get hands-on experience and not doing the typical grunt work that an intern would do.”

“When I found an internship opportunity abroad, I was excited and when I realized it was in Bali, I was sold.”

“I had an incredible boss. She gave me a lot of freedom but also gave me a lot of instruction in terms of guiding me.”

“I wanted to do something mission critical and she helped me do that. So the internship was incredible.”



What could I learn during a business development internship?

Learn how to develop growth opportunities

Researching new markets and leads

How to optimize a customer acquisition strategy

How to prepare effective presentations

Planning and overseeing new marketing initiatives

Developing quotes and proposals

What key skills do I need for a business development internship?

Analytical skills

Problem-solving skills

Commercial awareness

My experience has been very interesting and challenging to say the least. I’ve learned more about how to develop hypotheses and validate them in the context of startups, how to undertake market research and mobilize online communities like Reddit to get feedback from different target markets.

I’ve also been involved in market analysis, exploring and different business models, revenue models, designing landing pages, and building some structure for the startup from the ground up. 

Juan Vidal de la Peña

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I chose to complete a business development internship with Start Me Up because I wanted to experience working for a start up where I have more opportunity to be creative when making descisions. Although I studied Law I didn’t want to go into the corportate world, Start Me Up has given me the perfect opportunity to use my skills in a more creative and meaningful way.

I am a very organized person so the lifestyle was perfect for me, I worked flexiable hours whilst also exploring Bali. 



Emma Bourgeois

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