Gap Year Program

Are you planning a gap year?

 If you’re like most people, you’ll want to travel, explore and do something constructive and eye opening with your time away.

You probably want to experience new cultures and form new friendships with people from all over the world. You’ll want to have your eyes opened to new paths and potential futures.

You’ll want to see where your curiosity takes you. And have a formative experience you’ll never forget.

We know. Because we felt that way before we embarked on our gap years many years ago. 

Which is why we developed our  Bali Startup Gap Year Program, a high-quality education program that focuses on future skills literacy and adventurous travel in Asia-Pacific.


Program Stories

Jess was inspired to set up her own business during her gap year in Bali.

Isabella created a freelance portfolio that was featured by the BBC.

Tim used the Start Me Up program as a springboard for a longer backpacking trip.

Juan learned about responsible and sustainable travel through an immersive field trip with a Bali-based social enterprise.

Why take part in a gap year program?

The benefits of gap years are well-established. A gap year program can help provide structure and focus for your gap year, and help you identify the kind of work you might enjoy in the future.

It’s a chance to build your resilience and broaden your worldview.  

Why choose Start Me Up?

We’re changing the way people work, learn and travel.

We know the transformative power of travel. Between us we’ve got over 20 years of traveling experience and we’ve hosted students and young people from all over the world (over 15 countries and counting).

We have an international team on the ground who run and staff our projects. We do not outsource any of our education programs to third parties. 

Our programs have been designed in conjunction with educators, adventurers and technologists and are designed to prepare you for your future, while you experience new cultures and have fun.

Our alumni are global citizens who forge international careers. Many go onto study at top universities (Princeton, Oxford, Cambridge, Cornell, Berkley), pursue their own dreams as startup founders and work at some of the world’s most renowned companies (Google, Amazon, McKinsey).

If you’re looking for world-class learning and adventure, this program is for you.

Benefit from our specially designed program of workshops


 Our program is built around key in-demand future skills, as identified by The Economist Intelligence Unit. 

Cross-cultural skills

Creative skills

Interdisciplinary skills

Analytical skills

Previous Workshops Include

Startup ideation


Cultural awareness

Digital skills

“How my Gap Year in Bali Helped me Choose my Uni Degree”

Camille Devilliers was unsure of where to go next with her academic career so she signed up for Start Me Up’s Gap Year Program in Bali. 

During her time in Bali she learned more about user experience design and marketing and created a brand identity for a tech startup as part of her project. 


As part of your gap year experience, we provide a range of excursions and activities


Secret beach tour

Sunrise trekking

Waterfall treks

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