From Bali to Barcelona, learn startup skills on the other side of the world.

Do you like the idea of working for a startup? Or do you dream of launching your own startup?

Maybe you like the idea of getting a taste of startup life without having to commit to a permanent job?

Well have you thought about getting all these experiences, but in another country?

Start Me Up runs structured programs in emerging startup hubs favored by remote startup founders.

We offer two programs, a Startup Internship Program where we match students with startup internships across three continents and a Startup Accelerator Bootcamp, which helps students fast-track their startup ideas in Bali.

Expect to learn startup skills while you travel to some of the world’s most exotic destinations. From Bali, to Barcelona (and beyond), we work with international startups across a range of sectors including tech, travel, finance, and education.

Training and mentorship

Get access to expert mentors throughout your placement who will help you master skills and meet your professional and personal goals.

Unlimited access to a coworking space

24/7 access to leading coworking space and up to 12 events a month.


We house everyone on our placements in their own rooms in central locations close to coworking spaces, bars, and restaurants.

Airport transfers

We’ll pick you up from the airport and make sure you get to your accommodation safely.

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Previous projects undertaken by candidates

Business model analysis

Qualitative and quantitative analysis to determine optimal business models.

Analytics dashboard

Designing and creating analytics dashboards to advanced data analysis.

Affiliate programs

Implementing affiliate marketing programs to help startups grow sales rapidly.

Microsite creation

Creating microsites to support a startup’s marketing strategy, by creating video and blog content.

App building

Assisting with coding a new app in JavaScript.

Competitor analysis

Conducting detailed analyses of sector competitors.

Computer Aided Design

Designing prototypes for 3D printing.



Automating processes and systems for fast growing software startups.

“I think the word ‘incredible’ would be an understatement. I applied for a marketing role and what I got was so much more than that. In my first week, I learned about coding, web design and copywriting. I probably got more out of being here for a week than I would have working one year for a corporation.”

Nadhila Wardhana

University of Leeds

“Start Me Up provides great opportunities for ambitious individuals in their personal development and is particularly well-suited for people looking to explore alternative careers. Bali is a wonderful place to work remotely. It’s unique!”

Neville Lai

Warwick University