Internet of Things

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Why you should do an IoT internship


The Internet of Things (IoT) market is predicted to be worth $2488 billion by 2022.

From smart TVs and smart fridges, to security cameras, businesses are increasingly adding integrations to drive efficiencies and develop new business models.

The average IoT engineer salary is $157,370 per year

IoT Testimonial

Joel Ngana, a recent graduate from Southampton University in the UK, gives his perspectives on his two-month IoT internship in Bali with Start Me Up.

“I worked on an app that helps people in a co-working environment to collaborate and communicate better with each other.

This internship has changed the way I looked at work. I didn’t know anything about co-working or digital nomadism before I came here… all I knew was office spaces and desks. But this is a lot more appealing.”


What could I learn during an IoT internship?

New applications of IoT technology

UX/UI for IoT startups

Hardware-software integration

Advanced analytics for IoT startups

New business models for IoT 

Software engineering for IoT startups

What key skills do I need for an IoT internship?

Analytical skills

Problem-solving skills

Commercial awareness

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