Electric Vehicle Internship

Looking for an innovative internship in the electric vehicle sector?

Are you looking to build your skills in one of the most up and coming sectors out there?

Do you want to help build some of the world’s most exciting emerging startups?

Why you should do an internship in the electric vehicles sector

An internship in this sector offers the perfect opportunity to get hands-on experience in a rapidly growing market.

Work across a range of skills areas, from engineering and business development and marketing to PR, programming and design. 

Experience what it’s like to work with cutting edge technologies that are shaping our future.

The average renewable energy salary in US is $90,000

What could I learn during an electric vehicle internship?

Learn how to develop growth opportunities

The latest applications of EV technology

Planning and overseeing new marketing initiatives

How to navigate a heavily regulated industry

Emerging trends in EV

Using and interpreting climate impact assessments

What key skills do I need for an electric vehicle internship?

Analytical skills

Problem-solving skills

Attention to detail

It’s been really exciting because I’ve been working for an electric motorbike company which is launching in Bali. They are low emission and really fun to ride.

I worked on the engineering side, which involved designing the battery. I learned to use AutoCad software and it was really cool that Start Me Up gave me the opportunity to work with a mentor to develop that skill.

Pooja, University College London, UK

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