E-commerce Internship

Looking for an international e-commerce internship you can do in Bali?

Maybe you’re curious about what goes into selecting and bringing a product to market? 

Do you want to learn from a sector that is a leader in competitive positioning and finding a product niche?

Why you should do an e-commerce internship

 The world of retail is undergoing a seismic shift, opening it up for new and innovative ideas

By 2021, e-commerce will account for 17.5% of the total global retail sales.

An e-commerce internship offers a wealth of opportunities to learn about product research, sourcing, distribution, marketing and optimizing online channels. 

The average salary for an E-commerce Manager is $78,735

What could I learn on an e-commerce internship?

How e-commerce businesses source new products

How to carry out competitor analyses

Optimizing online channels for e-commerce

How customer segmentation works

What key skills do I need for a marketing internship?


Problem-solving skills

Analytical skills

E-commerce Internship Testimonials 

Suma Kanuri an undergraduate from the University of Michigan.

She spent one month in Bali working on data analytics projects for an e-commerce brand. 


My work on the Start Me Up program involved helping to build a sales funnel by combining market research and using Facebook ads.”

“My mentor has been pretty successful, she owns four companies so it’s pretty great to learn from someone like that.” 

Kai Cromwell, US

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Working for a startup allowed me to get involved within all aspects of the business. I began completing a competitor analysis and market research piece for an E-commerce business and as the internship progressed I was able to research digital marketing channels, plan social media and design landing pages using Sketch, a UX tool.

Emma Balant, UK

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