Artificial Intelligence Internship

Looking for an artificial intelligence internship you can work in Bali?

Are you curious to get experience in one of the fastest growing startup sectors?

Do you want to understand the technologies that are powering our world?

Why you should do an artificial intelligence internship


The sector is predicted to reach over $5 billion by 2020.

Get a head start in the innovative world of artificial intelligence and become highly marketable.  

Build your skills in a sector that every big organisation wants to be a part of 


Average base salary for an AI job is $111,118

What could I learn in an artificial intelligence internship?

New applications of AI

Understand  the technical aspects of AI

How to scale innovative techologies

Responsible AI practices

What key skills do I need for an Artificial Intelligence internship?

Technical skills

Problem-solving skills

Attention to detail

Artificial Intelligence Internship Testimonials 

Northwestern graduate, Nehaarika Mulukutla, spent two months interning for an AI startup through Start Me Up’s internship program.

Check out her experience of our AI internships in Bali and what she learned with Start Me Up.



“I was working on a social networking app for gamers which uses AI, personality testing and gaming preference to match two people similar to you.

I was on the marketing side of the experience. I had to work on a press release and do some data analysis.

I think the main thing I learned is actually getting the inside experience of seeing how a startup works. This included seeing the way things are organized on a daily basis.”

Maria Kostylew, English Language and Literature, University of Oxford.

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