Architecture and Design Internship

Looking for an architecture and design internship?

Are you looking to build on your art, science and technology skills with an architecture internship?

The architecture world is undergoing a seismic shift as we move towards a need for more environmentally friendly buildings and spaces.

Why you should do an architecture and design internship

Architecture is a diverse discipline that encompasses art, science, engineering, mathematics and technology.

Demand for architects has never been greater. Existing buildings need to be restored and renovated, and modern environmentally friendly buildings need to be designed.

You could learn practical skills and get a handle of the latest industry trends, build your portfolio and get exposed to new technologies and techniques.

The median salary for an architect in the US is $88,860

What could I learn on an architecture and design internship?

How to create detailed technical plans using CAD software

How to negotiate with contractors

How to manage construction projects

How to create a plan, following building laws and safety regulations

What key skills do I need for an architecture and design internship?


Attention to detail

Interpersonal skills

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