Pooja Vadha has just finished her Physics Masters and is going on to study for a PhD in Solid State Batteries for Electric Vehicles at UCL. She spent one month on Start Me Up’s Remote Internship Program.

“I applied for this program because I wanted to learn new things, get work experience and have the chance to explore Bali.”
Pooja wanted to get practical experience designing batteries for electric vehicles using AutoCAD (computer aided design software).
“It’s been really exciting because I’ve been working for an electric motorbike company which is launching in Bali. They are low emission and really fun to ride.”
As well as design, Pooja was involved in researching and producing decks to promote electric vehicles over conventional petrol ones.

“The other bit of the work was a bit more technical on the engineering side and involved designing the battery. I learned to use AutoCad software and it was really cool that Start Me Up gave me the opportunity to work with a mentor to develop that skill.”

Pooja also got to work remotely with some of the team who are from Europe while also meeting some of the local engineers in Bali.

“I always felt like remote working was interesting, but I didn’t know how it worked exactly, but there have been some real upsides.”

“Sometimes it can be hard because of time differences. Sometimes you have to do a call at maybe 7am or 7pm at night, but that means on other days you can get back those hours and maybe take the morning off, or visit somewhere else in Bali.”

“My day-to-day was actually quite diverse and interesting, because I got to meet different people involved with the company.”

“I got to do my own work, like learning CAD.

“We worked at two sites within Bali. Within that we had networking and loads of interesting events, with people from different backgrounds. So it was good to hear from them and their stories.”

“We also had some workshops from Start Me Up like the design side, how to start a business and how to carry out market research and I found that really interesting.”

“Well, it’s really hard to say but it’s just nothing like you would expect it to be.

It’s an incredible experience which you would have to come here to understand.

Check out what Pooja got up to on her internship…

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