Suma Kanuri is majoring in data science and international studies at the University of Michigan. She’s spending one month on a Data Analytics Internship as part of  Start Me Up’s Remote Internship Program.

I’ve been interning remotely for a company with operations in Malaysia and Singapore. During the internship, I’ve been working on data analytics for marketing. So providing recommendations on how to improve the company’s conversion rates and bring in more customers via the site. 

I’m finding it really interesting, it’s a good way to apply everything that I’m learning in school. College tends to be very technical and involve lots of equations. Now I get to use the information I learn and apply it in an everyday way. 

I’ve started learning a new data analytics software which is called Glue so it’s really interesting seeing the tools that companies are using right now. 

I’ve never worked remotely before, it’s honestly been great. A lot of my team are working remotely as well so we’re all in the same boat.

I really like that I get to make my own schedule instead of having to be here from a set 9-5. Personally, I like to come in a little earlier so I can leave a little earlier and enjoy the afternoon sun.

I love being here in Bali. It’s great to be able to leave work and go to the beach. I tried surfing for the first time the other day and I love the co-working space. 

I’m someone who can’t sit in one space for too long so I just consistently move throughout the day. I have my little spots. Everyone knows that you can find me at this one place from 8-10am and this other place from 10am to midday.

In our first week we took part in a design workshop which was really interesting because the instructor explained design, not just digital design but designing products. Working with actual real life tangible products was really interesting, it was like a new way of thinking that I hadn’t really been exposed to before. 

The startup ideation workshop was really cool and interesting because we were separated into groups and then we got to brainstorm different problems.

We each came up with different problems and then as each had to pick a problem and find solutions for them. It was a very nice way of structuring your thinking. Identifying a problem, coming up with solutions that you’re passionate about.  

Now we’re just picking ideas that we like and are going to pursue or at least come up with a pitch for. I’m excited to see what everyone comes up with. 

I guess before I came here I was kind of thinking oh with a startup you have to come with the ‘greatest idea ever’.

It can seem impossible to think of new ideas. You think that everything has kind of been thought of in the 21st century. But he gave us approaches to come up with original niche ideas. 

I came out of the workshop with an idea that I’m really excited about. I would never have thought of it if he we hadn’t done those exercises. 

Yeah I think honestly as cheesy as it sounds, everyone is really inspirational because it’s really inspiring to see people who know what their passion is and then follow it. 

It’s kind of hard to take a risk, everyone here is taking a risk in their own thing but they’re all believing in themselves it gives me the confidence to believe in myself. 

Talking to everyone, hearing their stories has been really inspiring, whether they’re doing a startup or not, just meeting people in Bali in general or just traveling and doing their own thing.

I just really like to talk a lot, so talking to people and getting to know their stories, everyone comes from very different places and everyone has a different thing to share in the world so generally that. 

And the environment here, the vibe is very relaxed and so everyone is very willing to just talk, take a minute or two out of their day to tell you about themselves, which is really interesting.

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