Emma Bourgeois recently graduated in law from the University of Exeter. She spent one month interning remotely on Start Me Up’s Remote Internship Program for an edtech company.

“I decided to go for this experience because first of all it’s in Bali, which is amazing, and I’d studied law and done a lot of law internships and I felt like I needed to do something more creative. So, working for a startup and being in Bali, it was really the best of both worlds.”

“I initially started doing research for the startup on partnerships and establishing a partnership strategy.”

“While doing this I realized there were opportunities for them to be doing more across LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.”

 Emma enjoyed working with an all-female team of various backgrounds and ages and would often stay late to join team meetings (although this wasn’t expected or required of her she just enjoyed working with the team and felt included). 

“The team were always available. I could pick up my phone and call them quickly and they were very communicative.”

 Emma would wake up around 8am to-do list because of the time difference, which she’d start working on as soon as she’d get to the co-working space.

“This experience was honestly so much better than I expected. Not only is the company great and the communication with my mentor, but the lifestyle is so much better than I expected. 

“It’s also a very flexible program so if you’re an organized person you can structure your own day, put as much effort in as you want and it’s very rewarding.”

“My advice to future interns would be: enjoy your time in Bali but of course make the most out of your internship because the things you learn are amazing. People will actually listen to you. You can find out what you want to do in the future. And you meet amazing people.”

“Every weekend we went away, we went to Nusa Penida, we went to Uluwatu. At the weekends we’d discover amazing beaches. I didn’t expect to travel so much.” 

“I met really inspirational people. Because people come from all over the world and they’re all working on their own things, they really help you out and inspire you because they’re so motivated in their business, you can learn a lot from them.” 

Next Emma’s moving to Amsterdam to do a Masters in competition Law, while she continues to freelance for her startup.

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