Amelia Bargh is 20 years old and studies Politics, Philosophy and Economics at The University of York. She’s just finished a one-month startup internship in Bali as part of Start Me Up’s Startup Internship Program

I started the Start Me Up internship program because I felt like I was on a bit of a conveyor belt. I was headed toward the corporate world but I wanted to explore other options.

I’ve always had this passion for jewelry alongside my normal studies and I wanted to explore that further so I spent one month interning with The Love Is Project, a California-based accessories startup. The Love is Project supports artisan producers in developing countries and sells its designs primarily to consumers in North America and Europe.

My role involved competitor research, how to work with influencers and how to improve social media channels. I also looked into shipping strategies and worked on product development research.

My internship was hugely inspiring, and after a week, I decided to investigate working my own startup idea, The Odd Earring Company. 

It was an idea I’d had years ago, but I didn’t think it would go anywhere. But being in Bali and talking to producers made me realize it might be possible. So I got prototypes made, bulk ordered my products, set up a Shopify account and got my logo designed. By the time my four weeks was up I’d decided to go ahead and launch it.

The first time I came into Hubud [the coworking space I was based out of] it was a complete shock. It doesn’t look like an office, it doesn’t feel like an office. There’s a massive open, buzzing space but you’ve also got a conference room at the back for quiet working.

Hubud Internship

Photo Courtesy of Hubud

There’s a great view over the rice paddies, it gets the most air and sunlight and it feels like you’re working outside. It’s just an incredible place to work. Another great thing about Hubud is that it’s all made out of bamboo. So it feels like you’re merged into the environment.

Everything has surprised me about the experience. I wasn’t expecting it at all, I was still expecting rigid working hours but the work-life balance is incredible. I don’t feel like I’ve been at work at all. Being here is so inspirational and incomparable to anything I’ve done before.

It’s amazing how the community can help you drive forward. The connections are also amazing, including one who connected me with someone who worked for Cartier.

This experience has made me realize I will always need something creative in my life. And that I’ll always need something that I know I can run myself. I still don’t know whether it’s feasible to do it full time yet, without any other income sources. But being out here has certainly made it something I want to explore.

I would 110% recommend the internship. There aren’t any other experiences like this one on offer for students at the moment. And I think this is the way the world is going.

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