Sadiq is a graduate of University of British Columbia. He embarked on a Data Analysis and  UX Internship as part of  Start Me Up’s Remote Internship Program.

Why did you decide to join Start Me Up?

“I was just looking for jobs and I didn’t really see any opportunities lining up at that time. And then this ad for Start Me Up popped up. And I was like “OK this looks like a cool opportunity”. So at the time that was my thinking. But then it happened that I got a job and I worked for a year. And then my reasoning for coming to Start Me Up changed. 

I was in the flow of work, but there were so many more skills I wanted to learn and no dedicated time for me to learn these skills. So I figured that if I wanted to learn UX design, building and designing websites, coding and so on, then I would have to allocate some time to do just this. And Start Me up was the perfect opportunity.”

What projects have you been working on?

“So I worked with this company who are just in the initial stages of their business, so I learned about their processes and how they started from scratch.

I said I wanted to learn a bit of UX design and maybe do some data analysis to just get a sense of the overall planning of the startup and I was lucky enough to give them all a go. I focused on UX design and making wireframes for the website, all things I had never done before, which was the point of me coming to Start Me Up and trying these new things out.”

How do you find working with other remote workers in co-working spaces?

 “I loved the co-working spaces because first of all, I met all these interesting people who are doing different things from a range of backgrounds.

I also loved the workshops and skill-sharing that goes on in the co-working space. I learned so many new things; machine learning, web site wireframing, how to create a landing page, UX design, to name a few.

It’s definitely a very different experience from working in an office. An office has kind of a formal undertone while co-working space has an informal undertone where you just feel like you can walk around casually to go talk to random interesting people or have a coconut at your desk.”

Would you recommend the program to anyone and what advice do you have for future interns?

“I mean it’s pretty generic advice but I think it’s true; it’s that you get out what you put into it. So go to the events, meet interesting people and really broaden your knowledge.”

Check out what Sadiq thought of his internship… 

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