Lenny had over ten year’s experience working in corporate IT. She wanted to switch careers into UX and experience the world of remote work and so joined Start Me Up’s Remote Internship Program.

What project have you been working on?

“I have been looking at UX when clients are navigating our app.

Firstly, I had to identify problems and suggestions to improve the app.

I then had to help redesign a website for one of the startup’s clients. To do this, I came up with a project plan to present to our client.

I then had to design a sitemap where I had to decide which the most important information is to display on the app and website. We got that information from Google Analytics and also got input from the client.

Finally, I created a mood board and started designing the app and website.

It’s been challenging but I’ve loved having the freedom to run with what I think.

How are you finding working remotely?

“I’m working for a company that is based in Italy. It’s different to the corporate environment because you have to make sure you are communicating more to make sure everyone is in the loop.”

How has the internship helped or changed your opinion on your career?

“Having interned remotely, I can’t see myself working another corporate job. I have loved choosing my hours and being flexible.”

How have you found working in Bali?

I love it. It was challenging at first as I had to be so disciplined, whereas in a corporate job it’s much more structured. But I way prefer the way we work out here, there’s so much freedom.

The timezone difference has been challenging but I’ve worked around it as I’ve had so much communication with the startup.”

“If I can, I will continue working out here in Bali on UX… I’ve loved it!”

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