Originally from Hong Kong, Vicky now studies Chemical Engineering at the University of Bath and has been doing a marketing internship as part of Start Me Up’s Remote Internship Program.

Why did you decide to join Start Me Up?

“I wanted to join start me up because I wanted to figure out if entrepreneurship was something I wanted to do, or if I wanted to work for a startup. I also started thinking about my own startup ideas and I thought why not.”

What projects have you been working on?

“I’ve been working on two projects. One of them being a sustainable clothing company doing everything from design to communications and marketing. So things like e-mail marketing, social media marketing, designing paid ads and stuff like that.

Then the other project I was working on was with a Mexican startup doing web site development. This included planning how they want the website to look, so a bit about design and a bit about the tech stuff like WordPress.”

Have you learned something new during your internship?

“I think I’ve learned a lot of new soft skills.

For example, communicating with teams is something that can be kind of difficult at the beginning because it’s a new environment. It’s not like university life obviously, so you need to use different channels like slack or twist which are a great way of communicating with your startups and that’s really important.

Also learning how to manage teams and time management especially since there’s less structure in Bali – unlike in university you don’t have classes from eight to five – you can do whatever you want, so organizing your time carefully is very important.”

What do you think of the co-working spaces you’ve been working from?

“It’s definitely different to anything I’ve done before. I actually really enjoyed the coworking spaces, for example, there’s one in Canggu that has a really nice community and they host a lot of events that a lot of us go to.

It’s really nice because everyone in Bali or everyone in co-working spaces are so friendly – they want to share about their idea, they want to help you out, and they just want to communicate and inspire each other which is super great. I love co-working spaces!”

What do you do on weekends in Bali?

“It was actually so much fun on the weekends, we usually get to travel somewhere new. We went snorkeling once on the East Coast and we saw a sea turtle!

And then we went to Uluwatu and we all stayed together in a beautiful villa. Some people went diving and others just chilled together, which was nice. We also learned to surf and got to see the beautiful sunsets and sunrises daily. So it’s been really great in Bali in general.”

Would you recommend the program to others?

“Definitely, I’d recommend to do it because I think a startup is something that most students and most young people don’t really consider working in. I think it gives you that really insightful truth to what it’s like actually working with a company.”


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