Tayla Christensen worked on a web development and UX project, as part of  Start Me Up’s Startup Internship Program, for a Bali-based social enterprise. 

Tayla was looking for a way to get some more experience of the startup world while she traveled around South East Asia and discovered Start Me Up. 

“I visited a Bali-based women’s center in rural Bali and loved meeting the women and hearing their stories and experiencing how they lived.”  

Tayla built the social enterprise a brand new website to help them accept donations from supporters and showcase the work they do. 

She was also inspired to start her own projects, including a freelance business as a website designer and an Instagram feed called Dear Past where she takes photos of people and posts the photos alongside a piece of advice they would give their younger selves. 

“This whole experience has definitely opened my eyes, there are so many different things that people are doing here.”

“Everyone is amazing and so helpful. I love the work I’m doing but I’m really happy because our group of people was really cool and super fun to hang out with, we all get along really well.”

One of my favorite experiences was traveling to Uluwatu for the night, we went to the rice terraces then went to some beach clubs to watch a beautiful sunset. 

Does she have any advice for people thinking of joining Start Me Up?

“Just do it. It’s so much fun. You won’t regret it.  You meet so many people, learn so much. There’s definitely opportunities that can come out of it if you make the most of your time here.” 

Do you like the idea of getting startup experience overseas?

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