Recent Canadian graduate Amelia Martin spent one month interning for a book publishing startup while on Start Me Up’s Startup Internship Program in Bali which led to a remote job and a year of travel to 11 countries. 

When I was in my final year of business school I started applying to corporate jobs just like everyone else so I would have something secured before graduation.

However, whenever the inevitable interview question of “why did you apply for this job?” came up I often found myself without a substantial answer.

Because everyone else is? Because it’s what I’m expected to do? I knew those weren’t what my answers should be and it would be unfair to both myself in the company if I took a job I didn’t really want.

So I started making plans to save my money and go traveling after graduation.

I’d heard of the idea of digital nomads before and I was interested to explore the lifestyle more while travelling around Asia, but I had no idea how to get a job working remotely.

Then I came across Start Me Up and it was the perfect opportunity to test the digital nomad lifestyle.

So in January I left the -22°C weather in Canada to begin my startup internship with Start Me Up in Bali.

Start Me Up matched me with a remote internship at a book publishing startup.  I’d worked at a book store for six years so it was an amazing fit.

Since coming to Bali I’ve been working as an editorial assistant, reaching out to editors and trying to match them with up-and-coming authors, in addition to researching and writing for their monthly newsletter.

I’m an avid bookworm so it’s exciting to get experience in the publishing industry and see how possibilities for remote work exist in even the most traditional industries.

After the one month internship, my startup offered me a position to work for them remotely.

And since I left Canada, I’ve had the opportunity to travel to other parts of Indonesia, (Komodo islands, Java), Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia – all while working for the same startup.

Next I’m going to South Korea, Japan and Vietnam.

My experience with Start Me Up was really positive, I had a great startup and was doing something I was super interested in.

In the co-working space, you meet people from every corner of the world with such diverse backgrounds. It was much more social than I expected and there are multiple networking events every week so making friends outside of the other Start Me Up interns is easy and fun.

Some examples of people I’ve already met are: a doctor from Norway, a computer programmer from Kazakhstan, and a graphic designer from Argentina.

Through a number of workshops and events I have also been able to see what type of careers prospects exist within the world of remote work and I hope I have the opportunity to continue working remotely so I can meet my travel and career goals.

I’ve learned a lot of new things. I had no idea about publishing before. Now I‘ve learned how the industry works. In terms of remote work I’ve learned a lot of tools we learn and how to manage your time effectively.

Start Me Up has expanded my view of how new ways of working are reshaping workplace norms.

Do you like the idea of getting startup experience overseas?

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