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Get connected with organizations all over the world. From Californian tech startups, to social enterprises in Bali.

Remote Tech Startup Internships

Learn anything from programming and business development to marketing by interning remotely for a tech startup on our Remote Internship Program.

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Remote Social Enterprise Internships

Intern for a social enterprise in Bali entirely remotely. Get involved in everything from fundraising and market research to marketing and strategy.

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Remote Conservation Internships

Learn anything from advanced research skills, to data analysis and engineering by interning remotely for a conservation organization.

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Connect with organizations across the globe.

From Singapore to Silicon Valley and beyond, find your dream remote internship
that you can do from anywhere.

“It’s really cool to see the way the global economy works and how work is transforming now that you can do it remotely.” Zoe, Dartmouth College.

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Hear from alumni who have worked across a range of projects and sectors

Learn to work remotely

“I landed a remote job that allowed me to keep traveling after the program.”

Collaborate internationally

“I got experience of UX and data analysis during my internship with a Dutch fintech startup.”

Get International Work Experience

“I interned remotely for a Silicon Valley fintech startup from thousands of miles away.”

Learn in-demand skills

“I helped build an Internet of Things app”

Recent alumni destinations

It’s a completely alternative way to look at work.


Josh, Recent Graduate, UK




Social Impact


Data Analytics

Business Development

Software Engineering

What our alumni say about Start Me Up

“The exposure to startups and their founders was incredible. Being part of a co-working community meant there were so many project opportunities in a variety of business sectors.”

Ian Leung, Cambridge University, UK

“It was amazing. I made really great connections professionally and personally.

The soft skills and hard skills you learn here you can apply to almost anything.”

Juan Carlos Ramirez, York University, Canada

“I spent a truly wonderful month on this program. I worked with the CTO of a startup helping him code their website. I had very limited coding experience before coming here. And by the end of the month, I was developing my own app! I have learned so much and the work I’ve been doing has been more stimulating than anything I’ve done in a long time.”

Abby Mitchell, UCL, UK

“I learned a huge variety of essential skills from marketing to web development. I have also had access to mentors and industry leaders to help me with my own startup idea. The wealth of experiences and contacts were invaluable.”

Ollie Rodney, Nottingham University, UK

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